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Maximize Your Course Success.

MyCreativeAssistant helps course creators engage and retain more students with tailored, AI-driven support.

Adam Partridge

“MyCreativeAssistant improved my course retention rates by 30%!”

Adam Partridge


Audience Engagement.

MyCourseAssistant interacts with your audience on your behalf through SMS, email, Instagram, and Facebook. Maintain a strong connection with your students without the manual workload.

Audience Engagement

Personalized assistance for students.

Students receive tailored nudges and personalized support from MyCreativeAssistant's AI-powered assistant, helping them stay engaged and motivated.

Personalized assistance for students

Custom Q&A Chatbot.

MyCourseAssistant comes equipped with a custom Q&A chatbot that helps answer student questions, making their learning experience more seamless and personalized.

Custom Q&A Chatbot

AI-driven Content Creation.

MyCreativeAssistant utilizes your course material to generate quizzes and content ideas, ensuring that your students remain engaged and challenged throughout their learning journey.

AI-driven Content Creation

"The personalized support my students receive from MyCreativeAssistant has been invaluable."

Sofia Cary


Can I customize MyCreativeAssistant responses and interactions with my students?

How much time can I expect to save by using MyCreativeAssistant in my online course?

Is MyCourseAssistant suitable for all types of online courses and subject matters?

Can I monitor MyCreativeAssistant performance and interactions with my students?

How does MyCreativeAssistant AI-driven chatbot handle complex or unique questions from students?

Is there a limit to the number of students MyCreativeAssistant can interact with or support?

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