Using Online Collaboration Tools

Written on September 29, 2009 by admin

filesharing3The more the Internet grows, the more Internet-based programs and tools grow. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a techno-savvy super whiz to understand and use them either. There is a dizzying array of user-friendly newsletter, blog, database programs, and more. And there is also an interesting selection of online file-sharing programs that now make it much easier for anyone working virtually to tap into their “online file cabinet”.

Here are just some of the free options available:

1.  GoogleDocs – used to share Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and most basic documents you need to collaborate on.
2.  Google Calendar - used for online calendar-sharing, and you can sychronize with your email.
3. – used to share text, audio, video and more.
4. – basic file and calendar-sharing features.

If sharing basic everyday files with your VA is all you need, one of these or a similar free program will work for you. However if you need more of an overall systems-type program, especially if you work with multiple vendors, VA teams or many joint venture partners/other colleagues, you may want to check out these popular all-in-one project management applications.

These fee-based programs allow you to create projects/tasks and manage all of the associated files and communications in one place. They are a very effective means to centralize and streamline everything you do.

1.  Central Desktop
2.  Basecamp
3.  My Client Spot

There are also programs that can help you and/or your VA remotely access your computer like:

1.  Logmein
2.  GoToMyPC
3.  Team Viewer

More and more online business owners like coaches, authors, speakers and Internet marketers are starting to use these kinds of online portals to house their important company files. It makes good business sense as well because you have yet another way of backing up your files so in case you or your VA has a computer meltdown, you can rest assured the latest files are on your online system.

Deciding what system to use is purely individual. Take stock of your business needs and decide what’s best, then have your VA compare features and prices, and ensure whatever program you use, that they guarantee the security of your files.

By using these online file-sharing and project management programs you will have a solid support system in place for your business. And they will definintely pay off because as you grow, so will your team, and the need for a central task and communication hub will be ever-more important to your success.

Contributed by My Creative Assistant’s Senior Writer, Kathy Smith.

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8 Comments on “Using Online Collaboration Tools”

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  3. Rob |

    A useful article – thank you.

    I certainly agree about the security and growth aspects. I think what many organizations overlook is the fact online collaboration can offer simple, effective and affordable business continuity solutions (not thinking about disaster recovery) – so that if for some reason people cannot make it to the office, it can still be business as usual.

    There’s so many out there, but I’d put forward Glasscubes as a handy alternative to Basecamp as well…

  4. chris bailey |

    At my college we use a different tool for working on our projects online.
    Its free and needs no installation since its online, go to
    pretty useful for me since i usually do my projects on the laptop. -chrisman

  5. Sandra |

    Nice list. I use DeskAway for managing my projects and collaboration and is much better than Basecamp. I have used Basecamp some time ago but DeskAway drove me away from it because of its features and service.

  6. Marianna Mills |

    I have not used, so I can not say anything about this system, but I’ve heard a lot of good reviews. We are a small company, IT and use the product of collaboration, you can try it, maybe it suits you. Or you can look at other systems.

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