Using an Account Login Spreadsheet

Written on August 12, 2009 by admin

hairpullWhen was the last time you pulled your hair out in the middle of a busy day, searching for the login to your blog, website or Twitter account? Or have you recently changed your shopping cart password, then forgotten it, and ended up having to ask for a password reset?

Frustrations like these can not only zap your energy, but also take valuable time away from your business. Of course there are many ways you can keep track of your online logins; write them on index cards, create a listing in a Word document, etc., however, one of the best ways for keeping this information is on a simple Excel spreadsheet, using headings like:

  • Account Name
  • Login URL
  • Username
  • Password
  • Notes

Now that sounds easy enough for most of what you’ll need to list, but don’t forget about your affiliate accounts, online forum accounts, online fax and conference call logins, etc. You may also want to list your vendors, along with their contact information as well, for instance, website designer, copywriter, social media specialist (of course, with My Creative Assistant, you have them all in one place :). You can create your list on one sheet of a spreadsheet or break the lists into groups and have each group on a different spreadsheet within the master one for quick searching. For instance, you could have your website and domain hosting, shopping cart and merchant accounts on one sheet, and all of your social media logins on another.

If you don’t already have a one-place-listing for all of your accounts, make the time to do this important step. This is something your VA can help you with, that way you’ll both have the same information at your fingertips. Your VA will keep the list updated on an ongoing basis and send it to you with any new information. Your VA can also upload the spreadsheet to an Internet-based document-sharing portal or onto your website server as a back-up, should either of you have a personal computer crash.

Using an account login spreadsheet may sound almost too easy and simple, yet it can be overlooked, and is important to create. Make the time to get this task done. Not only will you save yourself the inevitable headache of feverishly searching for that missing password when you’re in the middle of an important project, but it will go a long way to enhancing the effectiveness of your administrative systems – a key foundation of any successful business.

Contributed by My Creative Assistant’s Senior Writer, Kathy Smith.

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4 Comments on “Using an Account Login Spreadsheet”

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  2. Melodee Patterson |

    My login spreadsheet has helped to keep my stress lelvel down. I’m now at 4 pages of usernames and passwords. There’s no way I could ever remember them all.

    I keep them alphabetically by website name.

  3. Pam Ivey |

    Hi Melodee, Thank you for your comment! It has definitely served us well in working with multiple clients with hundreds of different vendor accounts. I have also found that I personally, can’t live without my Roboform…love it! It saves all of your passwords securly (the entire program has a master password too), and enters my username and password info at the touch of a button. A thing of beauty! Cheers, Pam Ivey

  4. Systems and Procedures | Virtual Insights by My Creative Assistant |

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