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Tech Support Saga Continues…

Date June 25, 2010

I’m very happy to report that Adobe was able to solve my installation issue and I now have the CreativeSuite back on my computer. But now…. My Microsoft Office products will not open! Can you believe this?????  Talk about frustration!!!!! I shouldn’t have celebrated in such earnest the last time around. I called Adobe back [...]

The Frustrations of Tech Support

Date June 24, 2010

After 8+ hours on the phone with a company that starts with an ‘A’ and ends with an ‘e’, (I don’t want to name names but it’s a type of Southwestern house), and  over 3 of those hours today, they still can’t figure out how to reinstall my very expensive “suite”. Funny, the program was [...]

“Word: Creating a Master Document”

Date May 24, 2010

A master document will help you with large documents by organizing lengthy sections or chapters. It keeps your complete document manageable and consolidated with all the required information in an easy retrievable and uncluttered fashion. This way you can work on each individual part exclusively and yet organize your information simply through the use of [...]

Infusioncon 2010

Date March 11, 2010

PC Secret Formula Product Review

Date March 8, 2010

There are many reasons why your computer could be running slow… I’m myself pretty much a hard core computer user, couple of friends have mentioned that if a new computer needs to be tested in just a couple of hours, it should be given to me. Simply because my normal computer workload is pretty much [...]

Using Online Collaboration Tools

Date September 29, 2009

The more the Internet grows, the more Internet-based programs and tools grow. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a techno-savvy super whiz to understand and use them either. There is a dizzying array of user-friendly newsletter, blog, database programs, and more. And there is also an interesting selection of online file-sharing programs that now make [...]

1ShoppingCart – The “King” of eCommerce

Date March 8, 2009

1ShoppingCart, aka Practice Pay Solutions, Kickstart Cart, Professional Cart Solutions, et al, is an easy-to-use, powerful solution for your eCommerce and online marketing requirements. With such features as of course, the ability to integrate your credit card merchant account and sell products and services, with payment options such as one-time payments, subscriptions and automatic payment [...]

AdAge Interviews Top 150 Bloggers: What Technology Should We Watch in 2008?

Date April 7, 2008

A list of very interesting technology these bloggers believe will be the ones to watch this year: http://adage.com/article?article_id=125735

Professional Crushes

Date April 2, 2008

Milana is an awesome online marketing powerhouse and is among my list of business heros. I participated in Milana’s Send Your VA To School program geared to VA’s that provide assistance to coaching clients. Excellent – I learned tons of applicable skills to use in my practice. Learn more about her excellent offerings at www.Milana.com.