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Copywriting Check-Up

Date September 24, 2009

Is your copy doing its job? Are your website visitors signing up for your freebies and your services? Are your social media contacts flocking to see what you have to say, and what new products you’ve got up your sleeve? If not, it may be time to do a copywriting check-up. Here are some key [...]

Would you like fries with your Blackhat Fish?

Date June 10, 2008

A very dear, although a little obsessive VA buddy of mine, Anna Baron of The Virtual Link, is competing in a SEO contest about Blackhat Fish. Strange? I thought so, but she explained to me that it wasn’t a term that registered in the search engines so that’s why it was chosen for the contest. [...]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) A Checklist To Create A Search Engine Friendly Website

Date March 14, 2008

Meta Tags – Titles, Keywords and Descriptions: Page Titles Create unique titles for each page on your site. Your title should be no more than 5 – 10 words in length. Use at least one of your main keywords within the text of each page title. Remember: Page titles are important not only to search [...]