Are you leveraging for greater success?

leverageToo busy to focus on marketing your business?

Overwhelmed by the multitude of creative and technical, creative and administrative tasks waiting for you at the end of your workday?

Is your valuable time being wasted on technical tasks you don’t really know how to do?

Is your purpose - that special expertise only you can offer - being compromised while you fill the administrative role in your company?


It’s time to leverage your time, your money and your talent to put the joy back into running your own business. And no, that doesn't mean hiring an in-house assistant.

There's a superior option...


My Creative Assistant is a team of professional virtual assistants each with their own skill sets and specialty focus. Working with My Creative Assistant gives you access to an entire group of business-savvy partners all working towards the common goal of making you as successful as possible.


You know how much better things go when you’re able to focus on doing only the things you love, right? Well, imagine how much better your company will function when every person on the team does only what they love…including you.

With My Creative Assistant, you have access to a team of experts in:


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Blog and Web Site Design

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Product Launch Planning and Implementation

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Affiliate Program Set-up and Management, as well as Affiliate Management

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Branding & Identity Consultation and Creation

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Marketing Consulting, Planning, Implementation and Support

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List Building

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Social Media Planning and Implementation

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Product Planning, Design, Creation and Implementation

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Teleclass and Webinar Setup and Management

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Author and Speaker Coordination and Support

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Shopping Cart Set-Up and Administration

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System and Procedure Consulting and Development

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Ghostwriting and Copywriting

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and much more!


When you work with My Creative Assistant you get prompt, professional and personal attention and support on a consistent basis.


All members of the MCA team are solo-VAs with their own successful businesses and they’re familiar with the technical, creative and administrative needs of coaches, authors, speakers, and Internet marketers and how quality work and turnaround times are critical to you.


For example, if you’re like most creative, big-picture entrepreneurs, part of your frustration with being a one man (or woman) show is that you can’t get around to implementing all those big ideas you’re always dreaming up.

My Creative Assistant has perfected a process that will allow you to move forward with several tasks and projects at once, so you can reach multiple goals at the same time. You can trust the team to expertly execute your projects while you keep thinking them up.


It’s key to remember, though, that My Creative Assistant is about more than taking care of the details.

You’re about to experience what it’s like to have your own personal cheerleader.


team huddleThe My Creative Assistant team will take a keen interest in your business, your goals, and where you want to end up. After all, how else could we help get you there?


Your personal Client Service Coordinator (CSC) will meet with you on a regular basis to help plan and strategize for your business and she will also ensure the My Creative Assistant team of VA Associates are carrying out your work up to team standards. (They’re very high.)


At the end of the day, My Creative Assistant’s goal is to put the joy back into running your business. You’ll have a greater passion, more money and a more satisfactory work-life balance because of it.


Please take a minute to browse through a complete list of services, learn more about the team or if you’re ready to embark on this journey, get in touch with My Creative Assistant to get started.


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